i was on FW {foresaken world} today... i heard they had a draw back big time on it. it was so bad that half the people left the game. my real life boyfriends on there. { HeresiarchHEXN }we got married.... the games never been fun for me now... it use to be but...now... its all hard working and everything and stress filled. my real life boyfriend and i fight all the time when we are on there because i have to ask him for favors....money...help... we had a guild in there called BlackWinter....he Abandoned OUR guild to go in the guild called Final. guess who's still working on black winter?....I am...all by my self... a one woman alt guild.... I got IIJudasII to help but its never enough....I think it is best for me to just not be on Foresaken world though...i miss it some...but i cant go bk on wow... I'm just going to brows NewGrounds for now... so i won't be so depressed I can never find someone Thats at the same speed as me....it is either people are to fast....or the are to slow..... what happened to ROLEPLAYING? what happened to the fun?... sighs...what happened to the GOOD memories....?

gave up

2013-02-11 01:19:06 by KikuyoXavier

i gave up on my game......

making my 1st game

2013-01-30 06:11:34 by KikuyoXavier

hello viewers. just thought i would say why i am not putting any art up yet. i have been making a 2d game ever since i played a game called mad father it inspired me to learn how to make gaming. here is a link to the video to show you all how it is going so far.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVzmTQmcJrw&featu re=youtu.be

making my 1st game


2012-12-13 23:06:40 by KikuyoXavier

I..umm... i got curious.... I always play as rarity in some games i have.... ummm... curiousity did kill the cat... well brony/pony ... is it... odd this game aroused me slightly?... it's not normal.... sighs idk why but i feel i shouldnt have plaied such a game for one: I am a girl and two: this game was inhuman and... idk i feel i defiled the borny some how idk



link i like

2012-11-24 02:18:39 by KikuyoXavier

http://www.gamersenterprise.com/play.php?act=pla y&id=1028&name=Orphan-Feast Eh i had to get this from my brudders since i had to reinstall all my firefox all over again after a hacker. it really does pay to be a female geek i suppose but this is one of the games i like to play once in a while.

link i like

My skype stats

2012-09-13 11:40:49 by KikuyoXavier

  /l、lets travel 2 the land beyond
゙(゚、 。 7the doors of Perception
 l、゙ ~ヽStep outside the boundaries of your mind.
 じしf_, )ノ https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&

The watching Grey

2012-08-27 20:52:38 by KikuyoXavier

In the darkest of hours, as the rain falls upon you the clouds dark and the sky gray, always know I'm watching to guide you through those tough days not matter the dismay. For I belong in the gray...